The Alliance of British Clubs was founded in 1980 by Jim Dowd, the then editor of Club Secretary magazine. The concept was to create an organisation to protect the interests of registered clubs together with other individual clubs or collective Associations whose aims and objectives were the same or similar to those of the Alliance.

The Constitution of the Alliance of British Clubs states that the objects of the Alliance shall be to promote and encourage the development of voluntary clubs associations, groups and organisations established for the benefits of its members.

Today, the Alliance of British Clubs’ membership comprises affiliated club associations such as the Association of Independent Clubs, and National Association of Catholic Clubs. We also have a number of Club Secretaries’ Associations as members, e.g. Huddersfield & District Club Secretaries’ Association, and individual clubs as well, e.g. Working Men’s Clubs, Rail Clubs, Royal British Legion Clubs, Conservative, Labour and Liberal Clubs.

The ABC is a non-profit-making organisation as are the majority of its member clubs. Our Member Services include help and advice on legal issues, club insurance, property rating and valuation, and gaming issues. We produce an occasional publication called the ABC Bulletin which together with a bi-monthly Newsletter aim to keep our member clubs up-to-date with all issues that concern clubs.

The ABC is also a member of CORCA (Committee of Registered Clubs Association) which has an input on parliamentary issues with central Government. We have no affiliation or allegiance to any particular political party.

The membership subscription of the ABC is £30 which is payable upon joining and then annually on January 1st. If you should decide that you wish to join the ABC then membership application is very simple; just write to us on your club headed notepaper requesting membership also enclosing your cheque for £30 made payable to the Alliance of British Clubs, alternatively, please complete the Membership Application Form on the membership page.

The foregoing gives a little insight into the ABC, however, if there should be anything in particular that you wish to know about the ABC that is not mentioned here then please send an email to and we will try to help.

We look forward to the possibility of welcoming you as a member of the Alliance of British Clubs.