At last, we now know that clubs will be allowed to re-open for indoor service with effect from July 19th 2021. Unfortunately, gaming machines will have technical issues when they are switched back on simply due to the length of time that they have been off and jukeboxes may have locked down.

We will therefore need to be able to access premises to sort them, ideally prior to re-opening. We recommend that all equipment is switched on at the earliest opportunity and left running for an hour or so; this should then clear any alarms that sound due to low battery power.

Clubs can contact us on 0345 2260002 to arrange a visit by a service engineer; it is likely we will be un-furloughing our service engineers from early July but calls can be arranged before then if required.

In relation to equipment that Dransfields supplies, it is likely that similar guidance to last summer will apply:

Gaming machines

  • Gaming machines to be located away from pinch points in the venue
  • Club to provide seating in front of machines
  • Players to face away from other customers whilst playing and be stationary
  • Robust cleaning protocols to be put in place, machines to be wiped down between players

Pool Tables

  • Pool Cues should be kept behind the bar- so staff can then wipe down cues before and after being handed out to players
  • No drinks to be placed on/by the table
  • No coins to be left on the table
  • Cleaning of Pool Tables to include cleaning of frame and chalk where possible after each use
  • Cleaning of balls should occur a minimum of once per day, preferably prior to opening
  • Where pool tables are used for competitions, organisers/team captains should be required to take responsibility for social distancing and hand hygiene of players.  Hand sanitizer should be made available
  • After competition use the pool table will require a deep clean of surfaces, cues, balls, chalk and rack

Juke boxes

  • Where equipment allows, use of App based music selection and contactless payment methods should be encouraged
  • Juke box volumes will need to be reduced to a level where people in the club are not having to raise their voice or shout as this presents a raised transmission risk by an infected person