The ABC’s endorsement of the Courtprice Club Protector Insurance Scheme for over 25 years is more than justified by their excellent service levels and the handling of insurance claims for their Club clients, and now for their vision of providing major benefits for the Club members themselves.

The coming launch of MyLife365 provides a diverse range of discounted gifts, holidays, hotels, travel arrangements, business, and home insurance products along with much more. It will enhance the relationship between Clubs and their members.

Courtprice will be ahead of the competition in rewarding Clubs for their loyalty at a time when many Club Secretaries report that they are being consistently harassed by insurance salespeople.

No longer is it a cheap premium that sells insurance to our Clubs. The whole range of services and benefits available must be considered by the Clubs in the future when purchasing their insurance needs.

Courtprice Managing Director, Ron Berry, announced the Spring 2020 arrival of MyLife365 with much satisfaction adding that over 20 months work had gone into the creation of this rewards package.

The content had been researched from the members of several Clubs and the list of contributing firms to the website was increasing weekly. Mr Berry stated that this is just the start and that they will be working with and consulting their present club clients in designing future benefits. Marks and Spencer, Carphone Warehouse and Brittany Ferries are just a few of the high profile firms that have signed up to the platform to date.

It is all very exciting and any Club that wants these benefits needs to look at insuring on the Club Protector Scheme.

Should any Alliance of British Clubs member Club wish to take advantage of these benefits then they should contact Julian Goodman, Development Director, Courtprice Limited either by email at: or by telephoning 0121 447 7555 or any of the supporting team members that look after the Alliance of British Clubs connection.